Express Bus has always been proud to serve some of Ireland’s largest companies! We pride ourselves on providing a top-tier solution exceeding expectations to these organisations. We aim to deliver confidence in every aspect of transportation – from our superior safety record, out-performing 96% of the other carriers across the nation, to our 24/7 cover and unsurpassed elite maintenance program.

Over the last three years, our fleet of vehicles has travelled more than 200,000 km per month with limited mechanical disruption. Express Bus has a policy of continually investing heavily in passenger safety and driver training. Our 98% clean equipment rating provides you with the best equipment in the industry.

As always, we very much appreciate our customers for their loyalty and decision to use our services again and again with client relationships in place spanning more than 10 years, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We invite you to please click on the Quick Quote icon above or select your region from the Contact Us menu. We are ready to serve!